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Presenter Guide

Thank you for volunteering to showcase your work at the Santa Clara Unified School District Innovation Expo 2023. We’re really excited to see what you have prepared for us.


This guide will help you to prepare for your presentation. 


We have students presenting in 3 different formats:


  1. iTalks

  2. Workshops

  3. Project presentations

iTalks are 8 minutes; workshops are scheduled to repeat and be interactive over a 90 minute time slot, project presentations may repeat and you have 30 minutes in your designated classroom along with other presenters.

iTalks, 8 minutes

Prepare a talk that lasts for 8 minutes, considering an introduction (approximately 1 minute), the main topic (approximately 6 minutes), and a summary (approximately 1 minute). Your subject is something you will be passionate about, so make sure you put that emotion into your talk - the audience will enjoy seeing your positivity. Once you’re happy with the script, the best thing you can do is practice. Practice in front of parents, your classmates, anyone you can think of. The more you practice, the better you will be on the day. Remember to tell the audience how you have developed as a learner.


Workshops, 1hr 30 minutes

You will be interacting with your audience, as they get involved with building, making or testing something. This is a great opportunity to give handouts or props that enable the audience to take part in your workshop. Interactivity is key, consider ways to keep the audience feeling engaged. Make sure you’re ready to answer any questions about your project, particularly what you learned from it and how it has developed you as a learner.


Project presentations, 10 minutes

You will be showcasing your work to a group within a classroom. You will need to be ready to explain what your project is about, why it is important, and what impact it could have in the future. You could also consider giving flyers or having a QR code that could be scanned to take your audience to a Flip video you may have made. Get ready to answer any questions from the audience, and talk about what you have learned and how it has developed your skills during this process.

For support on speaking to areas you can grow as a learner, check out these district Graduate Portrait Videos. They review eight elements. Pick one or two and share how you have grown as a learner.

Use your passion to inspire your audience.

On Friday April 7, you can drop off your project at Mission College between 4pm and 6pm. Use this time to prepare any of your materials that you want to bring to Mission College.


All Mission College rooms have the ability to present on a screen. This is not required, but is available. You can use the computer in your designated Mission College Room or you may connect your own device with the available HDMI cable. 


Don’t forget to arrive between 8am and 8.30am on Saturday 8th April at Mission College to prepare for your presentation.

Good Luck!

Team Expo

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